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Believing in Faeries: A manual for grown-ups

Believing in Faeries: A manual for grown-ups
An inspired and extraordinary journey into the elusive realm of nature spirits. Beautifully illustrated with faery art from internationally renowned artist Tom Cross, this is a gift for any grown-up who's ever lost touch with the magic of childhood; a children's book for adults who need more whimsy in their urban lives. From the prologue describing the author's first experience meeting a faery in her own backyard, to chapters revealing faery secrets, this book offers an insider's glimpse into a world we've all forgotten. Read Prologue...


31 Words to Create an Organized Life

31 Words to Create an Organized Life: Simple Strategies & Expert Advice to Win the Battle against Chaos & Clutter
Books about organizing the clutter that plagues most people can be as daunting as the clutter itself. 31 Words to Create an Organized Life streamlines this process to its essence by tapping the power of a single word. Drawing from a variety of spiritual traditions, ancient wisdom, and contemporary psychologists, the book helps readers uncover and cultivate their own hidden powers of focus, determination, and concentration to eliminate clutter in their lives. Each entry includes a single word, an accompanying essay, along with three thoughtful tips or exploratory questions, plus an affirmation or meditation. Whether the challenge is in time management, office clutter, or disorganized closets, 31 Words to Create an Organized Life shows how to harness the power of a single word to transform a project — and a life — from the inside out. Designed for portability, the book helps even the most disorganized person conjure peace and order from chaos. Read Introduction...

Hawaii Cooks with Taro
Hawaii Cooks with Taro
This first cookbook devoted solely to Taro in Hawai‘i features recipes from island chefs, cooks, nutritionists, and homemakers whose culinary skills make this ‘wonder food’ readily accessible to a wider audience.

Over 100 recipes show that Taro is a versatile food ingredient that can be used in every meal course and why it’s one of the world’s most cultivated crops. Recipes such as Taro Corned Beef Hash, Squid Luau, Apricot-Almond Taro Cakes, and Poi Boats with Vanilla Cream.

Handling, preparation, and cooking tips are also included. Rounding off the recipes are facts, histories, ‘olelo no‘eau (Hawaiian proverbs), accounts of Taro by early travelers to Hawai‘i, and historical as well as modern imagery.

Here's a link to read a review of my newest local book "Hawaii Cooks with Taro" full of folklore, historical trivia, and nver-before-seen taro and poi recipes. 

Pocket Guide to Lanai

Pocket Guide to Lanai
Through more than 100 stunning photographs and a fascinating narrative including Lanai's flora, fauna and spirited past, A Pocket Guide to Lanai delivers "insider" information, descriptions and directions about where to go and what to do, leading to the islands most cherished and even secret places.

Learn about the sacred ruins of the summer home belonging to Hawaii’s most beloved ancient king and the 50-ton whales that journey 4,000 miles from Alaska to play in the warm waters off Lanai. Discover an unpopulated, breathtaking hiking trail where you can see five Hawaiian islands at once and the remote area where Hawaiian sea turtles lay their eggs. See the very spot where the richest man in the world got married, the Pacific spinner dolphin’s favorite beach (voted the most beautiful in the world), or the largest stone fireplaces in the state of Hawaii.


Das Feen-Geschenk (Hardcover German Edition - Believing in Faeries)

Marcia’s Feen-set Karten & Buch (German Edition - Book & Card set)

Das Feen-Erlebnisbuch (German Edition - The Hidden Kingdom)

Le Fate Sogno o Realtà? (Italian edition - Believing in Faeries)

De magie van het Elfenrijk (Dutch edition - Believing in Faeries)